Previous Projects



Ever wondered about autonomous systems - how they work, how they affect your daily life, and what they'll look like in the future? Well, if you haven't, this website is designed to spark your curiosity! This site has a relatively simple design and won't need to be frequently updated - you can set it up and leave it running for as long as you want. Prominently placed links also make it easy for viewers to hear the podcast without having to search Google. Click here to visit.

French Tutoring

This design includes a blog (with a gadget allowing articles to be auto-translated by Google), a list of services offered, and much, much more! It's special because it encompasses so much - a hobby, a career, and a whole culture all in one. This site was also created to be extremely low-maintenance . Except for the blog, it won't need to be regularly updated. This makes upkeep easy for the owner, so she can focus on her true passion - teaching French! Click here to visit.

Home Decor

This blog was designed for Azur116, an online Etsy shop that sells stylish French antiques. It includes a photo gallery, a blog, and prominent social media and shop links so that users can quickly jump from reading about the French countryside to purchasing a little something for their dream home. Click here to visit.


This website is beautifully simple and beautifully retro! With a fullscreen title picture, this website shows off the photographer's favorite images and maintains a simple, colorful theme. Notice the tiny square "favicon" visible on the tab! Click here to visit.